About us
Here is a piece of usefull information about us. I'm Peter Silhanek the 22 years old university student born in Czech republic and living in the Czech republic.

-How I can have these beautiful items that I'm selling on ebay and also would like to sell through this site???
-It's easy, My father is famous collector of WWII Luftwaffe items (especially gunsights) and many other things, He's collector for over 20 years. He's not Just the collector, it's his hobby. Some of you maybe like completing the plastic kits. So you should heard about the companies MPM and CMK. My father is director of these two companies that are biggest here. But don't ask me about the plastic models, because this site have nothing to do with kits.

-Where the items we're selling come from?
-As a lot of you know, the Czech republic is Center of Europe, and during the war we were occupated by Germany, so a lot of German stores, soldiers, aircrafts etc. were on our territory.
-Why we collect these items?
-We're not a war fanatics or something like that, we're just fascinated in the technics, precision, and sometimes beauty of theese items.

-Why we sell these items?
-Because than my father can exchange or buy some another beautiful pieces as this makes him satisfied. (Sometimes I think he is satisfied more by this monkey business than by collecting).

-Why I do it?
-Because I'm student and I need to live from something. All I live from is commission.

-What is on the pictures you see here???
-It's one of our two rooms full of great items. If you will have a travel around the Prague, I can take you in theese Secret chambers!